The energy pyramid

This chart explains where microgeneration fits into the energy pyramid.

The energy pyramid

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The bulk of our energy comes from non-sustainable energy sources today.

  • Over 75% of UK electricity is from power stations burning fossil fuels, namely coal, oil and gas.
  • A fifth is sourced from nuclear, though this percentage is steadily declining as older nuclear stations are decommissioned.

Energy conservation

  • By insulating our homes more effectively, designing more energy-efficient buildings and adopting simple, practical steps such as turning down room thermostats and installing low energy light bulbs, we can reduce the amount of energy we use.
  • Energy conservation is only part of the solution, especially in a growing economy.

Sustainable energy production

  • What we should be aiming for is much more of the middle segment.
  • Sustainable energy production means not depleting the earth's natural resources, not raising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and not wasting a scarce resource through transmission losses.
  • Making energy where it will be used, in our homes, our places of work and in our communities, through sustainable means, whether from the sun, the wind, river or tidal flows, is the microgeneration solution.

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