Heat pump savings

It's all about CoP

The coefficient of performance (CoP) for a heat pump is the ratio of the energy transferred for heating to the input electric energy used in the process.

A ground source heat pump operating at COP 4.0 is able to move 4.0 kwh of heat for every 1 kwh it consumes. This can also be viewed as an efficiency of 400%, which compares very favorably to high efficiency (condensing) gas burning furnaces (90-99% efficient), and electric heating (100%).

When compared to the most efficient gas or oil condensing boilers, a well-designed heat pump with CoP of 3.0 to 4.0 will reduce emissions by 30-35%. It's even better if you combine the heatpump with electricity from a renewable energy source such as wind, hydro, PV or a renewable tariff.

SystemPrimary Energy Efficiency (%)CO2 emissions(kg CO2/kWh heat)
Oil fired boiler60 - 650.45 – 0.48
Gas fired boiler70 - 800.26 – 0.31
Condensing Gas Boiler + low temperature system1000.21
Electrical heating 360.9
Conventional electricity + GSHP120 - 1600.27 – 0.20
Green electricity + GSHP300 - 400Nil
(Source: Sustainable Energy Ireland)