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Evacuated tube collectors are constructed of a number of glass vacuum flasks which have a high efficiency absorbing surface inside the vacuum. The vacuum gives a high degree of insulation from low atmospheric temperatures and wind chill and works like a thermos flask, preventing heat escaping back into the atmosphere and reducing heat up time.

Our solar collectors use a technology known as 360 degree evacuated tube heat pipe technology. The tubes collect the sun's direct energy with a full 180 degrees of their surface area throughout the day - unlike a flat surface which is only in the optimum position once a day.

The tubes are made from borosilicate glass and require no cleaning or maintenance, with a selective coating; a special ceramic coating which absorbs energy in one direction and allows none to escape. With no mechanical seals, mirrors or switches within the tubes, nothing can wear out or stop working. Should a tube be damaged it can be removed without affecting the operating of the system (no fluid will escape). These are the most efficient and robust solar collectors ever produced.

Our evacuated tube collectors will produce annual outputs of 15-20% higher than our flat plate solar collectors. Evacuated tube collectors also have the added benefit of long life. Quality evacuated tube collectors do not suffer from condensation, which is the prime cause of limited life expectancy in lesser quality tubes, due to the excellent insulation properties of the units. We normally recommend evacuated tube collectors on all retrofit installations and any new build projects where the collectors do not need to be roof integrated.

An Apricus solar install starts at around £6,090 inc VAT designed, supplied and installed

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