Solar Collectors for Heat Collection

Although often less efficient than evacuated tubes, flat plate collectors offer a number of cost and aesthetic advantages. Microgeneration Ltd supply high quality flat plate collectors which can be retro fitted to existing buildings, offering a lower cost, yet quality solution. Low quality flat plate collectors suffer from internal condensation, and when combined with large temperature changes, internal corrosion often limits the usable life expectancy to below ten years.

The major benefit of flat plate over evacuated tubes is the fact that some configurations can be introduced into the roof rather than on it.

Schuco flat plate collectors can be provided with black, silver or bronze anodised frames. Also available powder coated in all RAL colours. Each collector has an absorber surface of 2.52 m2, (gross area 2.69 m2), with a nominal heat output of 2kW (dependent on positioning and insolation levels).

They can be mounted a number of ways:Full roof with PV

  • on-roof
  • in-roof
  • flat-roof
  • façades
  • canopies

They can also be combined with roof windows, large PV modules or hot air collectors.

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Schuco panels integrated into tile roof

In roof